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Tourism in the New Golden Age: An Application of Two-step Cluster Analysis to French Residents' Interest in Norwegian Nature-based Tourism

French residents' interest in Norwegian nature-based tourism.
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Why Visit an Eco-Friendly Destination?

Do tourists care whether a destination takes environmental concerns seriously?
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Natursøkende turister i LOVEST-regionen

Rapport om naturbasert turisme for å framskaffe kunnskap om natursøkende turister som besøker LOVEST-regionen.
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The Experience Turn as 'Bandwagon': Understanding Network Formation and Innovation as Practice

Small tourism firms' engagement in the experience economy and how it is turned into practice.
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Examining The Effect of Using Multiple Media Tools on The Marketing Performance of Organizations in a Trade Campaign Environment

Practical insights for marketing campaign strategies.
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Value Determinants of Tourist Experiences

The present work assesses destination and service quality attributes, in terms of exploring the stronger and weaker points within these entities.
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The Nature and Antecedents of Fair Price Perception in Tourist Experiences

Tourists’ perceptions of price fairness.
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Benchmarking Tourist Attractions in Northern Norway

The study employs the importance-performance analysis to benchmark five nature- and culture based attractions in Northern Norway.
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Partial Least Squares Approach to Structural Equation Modeling for Tourism Research

The current chapter explains and illustrates the advantages of PLS-SEM both from a statistical and practical point of view.
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The Exploration of The Memorable Tourist Experience

The guide role, experience context, and the subsequent cocreation strategies regarding the tourist experience.
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