» Domestic Nature-Based Tourism: A Case Study of Norway

Domestic Nature-Based Tourism: A Case Study of Norway

A study of Norwegian residents' preferred nature-based activities and the variety within domestic nature-based tourism.

Domestic tourism represents an attractive market for most countries, in particular for high-cost countries such as Norway. based on this market's notable size and financial potential, tourism marketers are aiming to attract residents to experience their country's tourism offerings. by identifying the characteristics of domestic tourists such as their preference for nature-based activities, tourism marketers can segment these tourists and target them accordingly.

The present study puts forward preferences as a theoretical construct in order to outline preferred nature-based activities in addition to demographic, geographic, and behavioral characteristics as the basis to study variety within domestic nature-based tourism. A total of 1,201 Norwegian residents who exhibit an interest in nature-based vacations in Norway participated in an online questionnaire and were segmented using two-step cluster analysis.

The results revealed four valid domestic nature-based activity clusters that differ based on several profiling characteristics. based on the research findings, several theoretical contributions and recommendations for tourism marketers are provided. Future research opportunities and the limitations of the research are also outlined.